12.1" Front IP 65 Water & Dust Proof PCAP Monitor (SEF121TPC-PCT-FI)

12.1" Front IP 65 Water & Dust Proof PCAP Monitor (SEF121TPC-PCT-FI)

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Introducing the SEF121TPC-PCT-FI, a reliable 12.1" Front IP65 Water & Dust Proof PCAP Monitor. With its front IP65 water and dustproof function, it provides excellent protection in challenging environments. Built for industrial applications, it boasts a long product life cycle. The monitor supports a wide range of resolutions from 640x480 to 1920x1080 pixels with a response time of 35 ms to ensure smooth performance. The metal-enclosure with protection edge design guarantees durability. It also offers a multi-language OSD design in English, Italian, Spanish, German, and French for user convenience. 

            SEF121TPC-PCT-FI is an industrial waterproof touch monitor which can be used to any kinds of vehicles.

Key features

  • Brightness 500 nits            
  • 4:3 Aspect Ratio            
  • High Contrast 700            
  • Front IP 65 Water & Dust Proof Function            
  • Support Resolution from 640x480 ~ 1920x1080 Pixels             
  • High Resolution of Panel 1024 x 768 Pixels            
  • Auto Reversing Function for Video 3            
  • Industrial Application Panel with Long Product Life Cycle            
  • One VGA Input            
  • Two Audio Inputs            
  • Three Video Inputs            
  • USB Interface            
  • Projected Capacitive Touch Screen (Non-Touch Function Is Available)            
  • Auto Power On/Off Function            
  • LED Backlight with Low Power Consumption            
  • Auto-Dimming Function            
  • Response Time (Tr+Tf average 35 ms)            
  • VESA Stand Can Be Swiveled with 180°            
  • Metal-Enclosure with Protection Edge Design            
  • CE/FCC/E13/ECE R118, RoHS Compliance            
  • Multi-Language OSD Design (English/Italian/Spanish/Germany/French)


Panel   Screen Size 12.1 inch (Diagonal)
  Display Resolution (dot) 1024 (H) X RGB X 768 (H)
  Active Area (mm) 245.76(H) x 184.32 (V)
  Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.3075 x 0.3075
  Color Configuration R.G.B. stripe
  Backlight unit LED
  Response time(Rise/Fall) 10/25 ms
  Contrast Ratio 700
  Brightness 500 nits
  View Angle(T/B/L/R) 80/80/80/80 deg.
Resolution   Recommended 1024x768 @60Hz
Power Rating   Input DC9-36V
Dimension   (WxLxH)mm 308x228x42
Temperature   Operation(℃) -30~+80
  Storage(℃) -30~+80
Mounting   VESA 75mm x 75mm
Certificate   CE/FCC/E13/ECE R118, RoHS Cpmpliance
TouchKit Driver   Windows 10/8/7
Accessories •  VESA Stand x 1, 
•  AC/DC Switching Power Supply x 1 or Car Cigarette Lighter Adapter x 1, 
•  All-In-One Cable 2.5M x 1 (Option: Custom Length, Waterproof AIO Cable), 
•  Remote Controller x 1, 
•  User Manual x 1
All specifications are subject to change without notice.